Character and Appearance

Ryzel is tall with pale white skin and black hair that drops below her shoulders. Her eyes are a bright otherworldly neon-green that almost seem to glow. She wears a long but simple black dress with black leggings. Her right arm is nothing but bone, while the rest of her looks entirely like a normal young woman.


Ryzel is the undisputed ruler of the world known as Mania. Frequently, she instigates wars between its inhabitants - which range from normal humans descended from past abductees, all manner of demons, and undead - and herself all for the purpose of spreading misery and fear. Not a week ago, she used her powers once again to reach across time and space and bring more warriors, as well as expand the size of her own world.

To introduce her new foes to Mania, Ryzel began her campaign by taking over Autumnreach and forcing the ruler, Claire Oppritz, to bow down, and causing the panicked and confused army under Evan Farice to flee. Immediately after, the Iron Keep held by King Beran Dirk was destroyed and Beran Dirk with it - his famed Iron Guard unable to keep the Ryzel's overwhelming forces at bay.

A thin peace currently hangs over Mania as Ryzel returned to the Black Citadel to become better acquainted with her new followers.

Recent Events