Jory Farice
Alias The Fool of Evares
Allegiance House Farice
Culture Northman
Born In 712AR, at Winterveil
Spouse N/A

Character and Appearance

Jory is short in comparison to other northmen of Evares, though average height to other Remians. He maintains a trim figure through constant time in the yard in attempts to best his sister one day. Jory's dark brown hair falls almost to his shoulders and is often unkempt. He has a fairly wide nose and his lips are full. He is otherwise not unattractive to most.

Owing to his self-proclaimed simple nature, Jory wears only cotton clothing - often a shirt and trousers alone - and a thick cloak around his shoulders. At his side, Jory always keeps his dreamsteel sword, Winter Maiden.

Jory is quick to laughter and prefers spending his time eating or drinking. He is carefree and does not worry about many things in life, usually. Despite this, Jory shows great proficiency with swords and is well-read in many subjects.


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